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SoundTaxi - DRM Removal program. Convert DRM protected music files to plain MP3, AAC (M4A)
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3 September 2008

Editor's review

With the increasing incidents of copyright violations, media publisher prefer applying DRM protection on media files to prevent unauthorized picking, piracy and theft. However, such a protection can even become a headache for you even if you have purchased the music collection. This is simply because the protected files can’t be played with any other devices except iPod, CD player, MP3 player, etc, thereby hindering you from enjoying your favorite music. However, such trouble can be dealt effectively by using an appropriate utility to remove protection and make files compatible with different music player tools. Well, if you’re still looking for an adept tool, then SoundTaxi 2008.903 is worth giving a try. The utility imparts effective feature-set that facilitates you in removing the DRM protection from your music files and convert them into different known music formats making them compatible with several player devices.

While commencing music conversion task with SoundTaxi the ‘Select Files’ option is provided to let you add the music files from PC or CD into the program. These selected music files get queued at program console, where you’re further displayed the conversion progress. If you wish to check any of the selected files, you can play original file using the player integrated with program. Completing file selection, you simply require pressing ‘Convert’ button, immediately after which ‘converting’ text flashes in front of each selected music file that turns into ‘Converted’ when the conversion completes. Well, you can play the converted file to have a check and even can copy it to your iPod, iPhone, mobile phone, or any other device, directly from the program. Moreover, the program supports maintaining file attributes; batch convert music files; selecting regular unprotected formats such as AAC, MP3, MPEG4, WAV, etc; along with modifying program settings to make it functions as per your preferences.

SoundTaxi 2008.903 facilitates you in effectively converting your DRM protected files into unprotected music file formats to make compatible with iPod, MP3 player, iPhone, mobile phone, or other devices. The program provides an extensive range of features and coupled with its overall stellar performance it is assigned with 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

SoundTaxi - Convert DRM protected music

SoundTaxi is a useful DRM removal program which can convert your purchased or downloaded DRM protected music files to plain MP3, AAC (M4A), WAV etc, at high speed and high quality. Thus you can enjoy your music and audio files on MP3 Player, CD Player, iPod etc, without DRM protection.

Easy to use yet powerful.
With just a few mouse clicks you can enjoy all your protected songs on iPod, any other MP3 player, CD player, mobile phone or PC - without any restrictions or DRM protection.

SoundTaxi converts any song that can be played with Media Player to MP3, AAC, WAV etc for use with iPod, any other MP3 player, CD player, mobile phone or PC.

Preserves ID3 tags for artist, album, title names etc.
It lets you choose the compression level and it preserves ID3 tags for artist, album, title names etc.

Batch mode to convert DRM music.
A batch mode and the drag&drop function for folders and files allow to convert and unprotect large music collections with just 1-click.

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User comments

Dont buy this program. The only thing soundtaxi is good at is to write their own reviews.
If your PC is reinstalled, you will need a new license key. You will not get it. So your money is lost.

Try to key in these words in google. You will see a lot of reviews whith excactely the same words.

"even for non techies like me" soundtaxi
Dont bye this software.
It may even destroy your original files. For some reason it seems to load all the file, and rewrite the original file when done.
I tried to contact support about this issue several times, but they wont answer.
I convert my .OMA files to .MP3 using this software, works a charm. There are not so many features, but it works fast and and only 1 mouse click is needed to make it work. I like it.
Victoria A
By far the best DRM converter I have found. Extremely fast, really easy to use, even for non techies like me. And it has all those functions I was looking for.
Ted Holtz
Very useful program to remove DRM protection from music files and convert them to MP3 or WAV files that can be copied freely.
This app doesn`t work as advertised, Customer service also not good, at least I payed with PayPal so I know they don`t have my payment information. on top of that, now my WMP doesn`t work, had to reinstall. DO NOT USE!!
Product is ok.....
support is for SH*t
tried the evaluation and m4p -> convert just gave a runtime error.. I`m not buying
Jeremy Sargent
This company is a sham. The advertise fasley on their site as well as having multiple sites. They never sent me a license code. Do not purchase this product!!!!
easy to use, fast and very clear.
makes fun.
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